Lindos Villas

Are booking hotels in advance not really your thing when traveling? Are you more of a spur-of the-moment camper when it comes to traveling abroad? Are you looking for that unique experience which cannot be bought by a hotel travel package? Not interested in doing the traditional tourist thing by booking a hotel during your stay in Lindos? Then maybe you will be happy to know that there are also a number of specialty lodging establishments in the area. Each establishment offers a villa or a number of villas on a nightly or weekly basis, offering you the complete Greek home experience.

There are numerous villas available for rent to the travelers coming to Lindos, with rates going anywhere from 40USD all the way to 150USD a night. These apartments usually are stand-alone entities but many of them are affiliated with many of the world's premiere travel agencies.

These apartments are cheaper alternatives to the hotels in the area and offer the visitor a more authentic experience of Lindos life in general. Most of these apartments are also conveniently located throughout the village so as to provide the guest with the maximum satisfaction of being near the beach as well as near the many major tourist attractions the village has to offer.

There are also several women in the main square of the village holding up signs that offer rooms “To Let” for tourists for anyone with a large bag. There are also a number of these signs advertising rooms to let all over the village. Most of the time these rooms are fairly basic in nature and at times may be in somebody's house or in a complex of apartments or studios. These rooms tend to cost around 30USD to 60USD a night and are, as compared to the rates of the hotels, usually more affordable.

If you are simply looking for a room to spend a few nights in, surely the village's many apartments and rooms to let offer a great alternative to typical hotel packages and help make your trip even more memorable for you.