Lindos Holidays

Thinking of taking the family out for a vacation in the beautiful island of Rhodes? Then a visit to the historic village of Lindos should not be overlooked in making your itinerary. The wonderful coastal village offers something for everyone on a holiday—like going on a scuba dive or snorkel around the clear blue waters of the ocean or go on one of the world-famous Aegean cruises of the Greek Isles.

Recognized as a Greek cultural heritage site, Lindos offers one a rather unique view of the history of the Greek Civilization, with various ancient buildings and carvings found all over the village. Relax and take in a scenic view from the Acropolis of Lindos or the Doric Temple of Athena dating back to 300BC. Walk up to a genuine 12th century Castle of the Knights of St. John, built around 1317 or the various Muslim and Middle-Eastern influenced buildings scattered all over the city. The various influences only help to add to the character that is unique to Lindos.

Perhaps one of the city's most famous attractions is the chance to have a unique and beautiful wedding at the small chapel near St. Paul's Bay. It is not uncommon to see an accordion player leading a wedding march throughout the village during the day. This unique experience should be in mind when thinking of that ideal cultural wedding with the quaint traditional feel you may wish to have.

A tour of the village's many narrow streets is usually a search of a quaint little cafe or bar to relax in as the sun sets orange over the sea in one of the most spectacular views of the sunset found anywhere in the world. The village also has a vibrant nightlife scene, offering enjoyable times in the unique Lindos way.

Whether you are in the mood for water sports or an outright cultural and historical immersion, Lindos, Rhodes has it all for you. The breathtaking scenic views amidst the backdrop of ancient structures offers a very unique and memorable experience that is sure to last you until your next trip to these wonderful islands.