Lindos Bay

Nestled along the shore of Lindos is the beautiful St. Paul's Bay. It is a wonderful, natural harbor that got its name when St. Paul used it as a refuge to protect his ship during a storm in 58 AD and is presently the site of many of the island's finest beach resorts, all of which offer the visitor a wide array of services and activities to make their stay worthwhile. Such activities include boat trips into the Aegean sea for scuba diving or fishing, snorkeling along the waters of the bay or joining one of the world-renowned Aegean island hopping cruise ships.

There are two beaches on the bay, one is a natural beach with a sand and gravel and another that is a new man-made beach using fine golden sand. Each beach has its own number of quaint cafes ready to serve your every need, be it cold beer and drinks, simple and delicious food, or snorkeling equipment. The beach is also a nice opportunity to interact with the locals in the area as these beaches are locally favored.

The village's scenic bay is ideal for visitors because of the presence of many reputable or high-class establishments as well as quaint local cafes to cater and serve your every need for refreshment and fun. The nightlife in this area is also vibrant and alive, with many bars and cafes offering a wide array of live music and sumptuous local and international cuisine, a true feast for your senses.

Aside from being one of the worlds most scenic locales, Lindos' St. Paul's Bay is one of the most romantic places on Earth today. The quaint white chapel overlooking the bay has been host to many destination weddings over the years and makes Lindos one of the most sought-after destination wedding places in the world today. It is not uncommon to see many newly married couples walking from the beach on a Friday afternoon into town led by the traditional accordion player.

There is no arguing about it. This charming and beautiful locale should not be missed in any itinerary plan when visiting the village of Lindos.